The uncomfortable truth about the soggy straw.

The truth is nobody likes soggy straws… and now there’s even more reason to think again before taking your next sip.

Amid the drive for sustainability, we must scrutinize choices that promise lower impacts on us and our planet. The surge in paper straw use, seemingly a step forward, demands our attention.

The National Post reveals what many have already noticed: that paper straws may not be the green marvels we envisioned!

Let's delve even further: the hidden threat of PFAS content commonly known as forever chemicals.

According to CBC News, non-certified fibers contain hazardous compounds that pose serious health and environmental risks in straws and other commonly used “products ranging from carpets to cosmetics to clothing to food packaging.” With this said, this is a stark reminder that 'green' isn't a mere label.

Creating hazardous “green” solutions also hinders the development of genuinely safe and eco-friendly alternatives, diverting attention from innovative material solutions prioritizing human health and the environment. Labeling regulations coupled with comprehensive education and research should aid consumers' decision-making power when purchasing green products - not hinder it.

At erthos, we're committed to building innovative and regenerative materials to create a planet free from plastic pollution. Our biomaterials champion both planet Earth and safety, spearheading a transformative shift.

Join us in a pledge to uphold lasting change where conscious choices prevail. Together, we can sip sustainably, safeguarding our planet for generations to come.