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erthos® Studio leverages the power of our proprietary AI platform, in-house expertise and novel ingredients portfolio to rapidly design industry scalable biomaterials.

Why erthos® Studio

Because, one size does not fit all, erthos® Studio designs custom biomaterials that are no longer over-engineered and inaccessible.

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Accelerated Path to Market

5x faster development and testing cycles. Ready to scale materials for widespread global adoption.


92% reduction in the cost and resources required for new material innovation.

Zero Disruption, Tailor-Made

1:1 solutions, fully customized for your product specifications, supply chain needs and manufacturing compatibility.


40+ features digitized, including mechanical properties and carbon footprint. Full access and insights to formulation and ingredient data.

Our capabilities

We work with the world’s leading brands to design cutting-edge biomaterials, tailor made to address complex sustainable and functional needs.

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The erthos® Method: a modular approach to designing sustainable materials that are never over-engineered, and always scalable.

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What we design


Drop in alternatives to traditional plastic resins and existing biopolymers.


Drop in alternatives to traditional plasticizers, elastomers and special ingredients.



Drop in alternatives to traditional barrier coatings, laminations and paperboard films.

How it works

erthos® Studio is powered by our novel technologies that continuously advance the future of sustainable biomaterials and the urgent role they play in addressing the plastic crisis.

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ZYA™ accelerates the innovation of novel biomaterials by unlocking the limitless potential of hundreds of ingredients and material properties.


Industry grade biopolymers, biocomposites, copolymers.


Industry grade plasticizers, elastomers, compatibilizers, speciality ingredients and more.


Natural fibers, inorganic and organic ingredients to strengthen formulations.

erthos® ingredients

Novel bioresins, bioelastomers, and bioplasticizers with superior performance and sustainability features.

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Our work

We work with game changing brands, packaging companies and material groups ready to exponentially change the trajectory of sustainable materials.

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Bioresin designed as a 1-for-1 alternative to injection grade polypropylene for caps, closures.

Bioresin with high barrier properties designed as a 1-for-1 alternative to injection grade polypropylene for personal care.

Bioadditive to improve the functionality of PLA and act as an alternative to ESO.

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