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At our core, we are scientists, environmentalists and engineers with a belief in better materials for a better planet.

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Our Founders

Nuha Siddiqui and Kritika Tyagi

Our Headquarters

Toronto, Canada

Our company

At erthos®, we harness the power of AI, biomaterials, and global impact to reimagine the building blocks of plastics. Through erthos® Studio, our AI-powered design studio, we develop bespoke biomaterials for the world's largest CPGs and material companies tailored to their sustainable and functional goals with our proprietary erthos® Technologies, including erthos® Ingredients and our in-house machine learning AI platform, ZYA™.

Our team

A diverse team of driven experts committed to a better planet.

New Business

  • VisitNuha Siddiqui

    CEO and Co-founder

  • VisitJill Watson, MBA

    Head of Growth

  • VisitDanielle Taylor

    Head of Marketing & Communications

  • VisitJoseph Cohen, CPA, CA

    Head of Finance

Research & Development

  • VisitDr. Nima Zarrinbakhsh, PhD

    Head of R&D

  • VisitDr. Emmanuel Ogunsona, PhD

    R&D Team Lead - Science

  • VisitDr. Shadi Meshkat, PhD

    Senior R&D Scientist

  • VisitHossein Abdoli, MSc

    Senior R&D Engineer

  • VisitDr. Shahab Amirabadi, PhD

    R&D Engineer

  • VisitDevni Elamaldeniya, MSc

    Research Scientist

  • VisitCocos Shi

    Research Technician

  • VisitXiuzheng Wang

    R&D Testing Analyst


  • VisitKritika Tyagi

    Head of Product and Co- founder

  • VisitFelix Saraci, MSc

    Product Manager

  • VisitDr. Kaveh Abdi, PhD

    Computational Scientist

  • VisitDr. Bruce Jadidi, PhD

    Computational Scientist

  • VisitAudren Marquez, MSc

    Research Lab Analyst

  • VisitLawrence Wang, MS

    Data Scientist


  • VisitPaulina Fedko

    Sustainability & Compliance Manager

  • VisitSusana Duva, MPM

    Sustainability & Compliance Associate

We partner with industry leading brands to create sustainable materials.

Protecting our planet while aligning with key UN Sustainable Development Goals.

What are partners say about us

"erthos® understands there is no one-size-fits-all for plastic alternatives, especially because scale and commercialization are industry non-negotiables to achieve meaningful impact."

Kerry Liu,Horizon Ventures

"We’re delighted to work with the experts at erthos®."

Anthony Salisbury,Atlas Copco

Join our team and help shape the future of our planet.

Join our world class team on a mission towards a better future.

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Making scalable biomaterials a reality for your global supply chains.