Case study

Bioresin designed as a 1- for- 1 alternative to injection grade polypropylene for caps, closures.




  • Formulation discovery
  • Material development
  • Product launch

With a goal of crafting the world's first compostable keg cap, our bioresin technology offered a sustainable alternative to traditional injection-grade polypropylene, ensuring that each cap contributes to a healthier planet.

Project Highlights

  • Compliance

    FDA Compliant

  • Environmental impact


  • CO2 Impact

    70% carbon reduction

  • Water impact

    90% water savings

  • Key takeaway

    Comparable polypropylene mechanical properties


Our journey began with a deep dive into ABInBev's sustainability objectives and packaging challenges. We then leveraged our expertise in bioresin technology to develop a bespoke solution tailored to their needs. Through iterative prototyping and testing, we refined the bioresin formula to ensure optimal performance and compostability. Finally, we worked closely with ABInBev's supply chain partners to integrate the compostable keg caps into their production process seamlessly.

Join us in revolutionizing the packaging industry by adopting sustainable solutions like our compostable keg caps. Together, we can build a greener future for generations to come.


We successfully developed the world's first compostable keg cap, reducing plastic waste and environmental impact. Our partnership with ABInBev brought sustainable packaging solutions to market, demonstrating the viability of bioresin technology in large-scale applications. This project received recognition from industry peers and stakeholders for our commitment to innovation and sustainability, and contributed to ABInBev's sustainability goals by providing a 1-for-1 alternative to injection-grade polypropylene caps, aligning with their mission to create a circular economy for packaging materials.

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